Tuamotu Archipelago Cruise

Quick Details

Includes days in the following places:

  • Fakarava
  • Toau
  • Ranguiroa

Join us for a 12-day, 11-night cruise to the Tuamotu Archipelago!


This is a suggested schedule that is likely to be modified depending on the weather forecast, your preferences, and the length of the cruise.

  • Chevron down Day 1-12
  • Day 1: Arrival at Fakarava’s airport and welcome on board; Visit of the village

    Day 2: Sailing to south Fakarava; Walk on Motus

    Day 3: Arrival at south pass of Fakarava, Tetamanu

    Day 4: Snorkeling along the pass; Visit fish traps; Afternoon departure in afternoon to Toau

    Day 5: Morning arrival at Toau (Anse amiot); Relaxation

    Day 6: Welcome by a paumotu typical family who will show you their lifestyle in the atoll; Snorkeling with manta rays etc.

    Day 7: Departure at end of afternoon to Rangiroa

    Day 8: Morning arrival at Rangiroa Tiputa pass; Optional scuba diving with local dive centers

    Day 9: Rangiroa; Sailing in lagoon to FEO (fossilized corals)

    Day 10: Rangiroa; Visit to motus & relaxation

    Day 11: In the morning, back to north to Tiputa pass

    Day 12: Leave boat & back to Papeete by plane