Marquesas Islands Cruise

Quick Details

Includes days in the following places:

  • Nuku Hiva
  • Ua Pou
  • Tahuata
  • Fatu Hiva
  • Hiva Oa

Join us for a 14-day, 13-night cruise to the Marquiseas Islands!


  • Chevron down Day 1-14
  • Day 1: Reception at the airport of Nuku Hiva; Installation on the boat; Relaxation

    Day 2: Visit the village of Taihoae; Relaxation

    Day 3: Ride 4×4; Discover the island

    Day 4: Navigate around the island to the bay Anaho

    Day 5: Navigate along the north of the island to the bay “DANIEL” south

    Day 6: Walking tour to discover waterfalls & vegetation

    Day 7: Departure for Ua Pou & arrive early afternoon; Visit the village Hakahau; Evening departure for Tahuata

    Day 8: Early morning arrival in Tahuata; Visit village of Vaihatu

    Day 9: Tahuata

    Day 10: Morning departure to Fatu Hiva; Anchorage in “virgin”

    Day 11: Discover the island in 4×4

    Day 12: Departure to Hiva Oa; Ancho in the bay of the village of Atuona – cultural space Jacques Brel and Paul Gauguin

    Day 13: Discover the island in 4×4

    Day 14: Departure of boat to Papeete